Serving the people of Overseal

Who we are & what we do

In common with most Parish Councils, Overseal Parish Council was created in 1895 and has been operating ever since. Councillors are elected every four years in May and the next elections are due in 2023. The Councillors are unpaid, enthusiastic local residents who attempt to create some community cohesion in an expanding village. Newcomers are made welcome while attempting to retain traditions of the past and encouraging visitors and the development of tourism as a means of enhancing the local economy.

Parish Councils have a duty to appoint a Chairperson and a Clerk. Statutory powers are granted by Parliament and give local councils the choice or opportunity to take actions which they may use to provide amenities for the benefit of their area. At Overseal, meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm at The Pavilion. During the meeting, there is a section for the public to participate and bring matters to the attention of Councillors or to ask questions. District and County Councillors attend the majority of these meetings to offer their support and advice and so that they can take matters back to their relevant Councils for consideration. The Council's formal business is performed via the Clerk.

The Council is consulted on all planning applications for development within the Parish and also presses District and County Councils, Government bodies and others for improvements to public services, whether it be potholes needing repair, problems with bus services or opinions about the Local Plan.

The Parish Council directly helps to keep public rights of way free from obstructions under a partnership arrangement with Derbyshire County Council and collects litter from central parts of the village in a partnership arrangement with South Derbyshire District Council.

Last updated: Thu, 17 Mar 2022 20:59